Using the Emotional Freedom Technique to Learn to Deal With a Traumatic Event

There are Emotional Freedom Technique testimonials from all over the world that share peoples successful use of EFT. For all types of emotions like relief from stress, including post-traumatic stress disorder. Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing technique targeting the energy that drive our emotions, this method was consequential of world-shattering discovery that is at war with most beliefs of conventional psychology.

For example, Emotional Freedom Techniques have been used effectively to help people lose weight by dealing with the emotions that affect the body’s ability to lose weight. Can you imagine being able to solve your own issues without the help of a psychologist or weight loss specialist. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) can put you back in control and change your life.

Tapping is the tool used for the emotional freedom technique. This is done by ‘tapping’ on acupuncture points, doing so releases the energy that has been taken captive and freely flow through the body, allowing the healing process to take place. This tapping has been documented in giving liberation from acute and chronic pain, emotional control, disorders, diseases, phobias, and addictions. EFT is ever changing and evolving. Tapping, at its core, is acupuncture without the hassle of needles. Simply tapping your head on specific points as well as your face and body can change emotions and heal health conditions. Due to the fact that tapping these acupressure points is a means of removing obstructions from the energy’s path, tapping can’t work if a person is on narcotics, had too much to drink, or if there is a mental disease present in that person’s life. It is for this reason that EFT is thought to have some type of brain interaction needed for it to work properly.

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Emotional Freedom Technique – A Personal Development Plan

Using the Emotional Freedom Technique you work with the body’s electrical energy systems to release limiting beliefs and actions by changing patterns of reaction to experience focused self development. Emotional Freedom Technique is simple to do, can give you a huge boost in personal development and doesn’t require that you believe in it to be successful.

Personal Development in High Gear

What a great personal development plan. You can change the way you react to situations by working with your subtle energy systems. These subtle energy systems were mapped out over 5,000 years ago and form the basis for the success of acupuncture in healing. Needles aren’t necessary for this. A simple tapping on various points on the body can result in the release of limiting beliefs and emotions, changing the body’s patterns and reactions developed in the past and opening the individual up for rapid self development.

Emotional Freedom Technique represents a personal development plan for your life. It works in all areas and on all types of situations, personal or business. You might have nightmares that are affecting your sleep and performance at work. You might want an edge for your sports or business performance. Maybe you suffer depression or a craving for alcohol that you can’t seem to get away from and it is having a negative effect on your life. Maybe you fear speaking to people but your job or business requires you to be on the telephone setting appointments. Perhaps whenever you approach success you become unable to follow through or sabotage yourself in some way. Your business may be failing. You can form a simple affirmation to address any of these situations and perform a simple tapping sequence to release the self defeating, negative patterns which are controlling you.

The process of Emotional Freedom Technique is easily learned and performed by a beginner. There is a lot of information about how and why the emotional Freedom Technique works as it does. You can certainly gain a great understanding of how the body/mind connection works by studying that. But, luckily, the process is kind of like driving a car. You don’t have to understand how the engine works or the brakes. You just need to know what kind of gas to put in and basic maintenance procedures and you can drive away. The same is true with the Emotional Freedom Technique.

Basic Emotional Freedom Technique Procedure

To begin your personal development Emotional Freedom Technique session, you first choose a specific situation or quality you want to change. You then fill in the blank in this statement to form your affirmation. “Even thought I have this____________, I deeply and completely accept myself.” One I worked with was blocked creativity and writing. My statement would be “Even though I have this block to creativity and writing, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Next you follow the Basic Recipe. which consists of the Set-up, the Sequence, the 9 Gamut Procedure and the Sequence again. The Set-up aligns the polarity of your energy lines, you repeat the affirmation 3 times while rubbing the first meridian point on your chest, 3 inches below your collar bone and 3 inches to the right or left.

For the Sequence you tap about 7 times with your first and second fingers on each of 13 points on your face, hand and chest. The face points, either right or left side,are the inside edge of the eye brow, outside of the eye, one inch beneath the pupil of the eye, half way between the nose and upper lip and half way between the lower lip and chin. The hand points are on the outer edge of the thumb at the base of the nail and on the base of the nail of the index, middle and little fingers on the side closest to the thumb. The last hand point is the Karate chop point, the middle of the fleshy part of the outside of the hand.

For the 9 Gamute Procedure you repeat your affirmation and tap on the back of the hand point while following 9 actions which help reprogram your brain.

1. Eyes closed, 2. Eyes Open, 3. Eyes hard down right, 4. Eyes hard down left, 5. Roll eyes in a circle right, 6. Roll eyes in a circle left, 7. Hum 2 seconds of a song, 8. Count to 5, 9. Hum 2 seconds of a song.

Finally, you repeat the Sequence again. Once you have memorized the Basic Recipe, the whole process will take about 1 minute.

Will Emotional Freedom Technique Work for Me?

Skepticism is good. But you don’t have to believe Emotional Freedom Technique will work, to get results. Just give it a try. Maybe you have doubts about the validity of the electrical systems of the body. OK. But keep in mind that you may some day have an EEG or and EKG. An EEG records the electrical activity of the brain and the EKG describes the electrical activity of the heart. This electrical activity is not visible but it is vital to your well being-whether you believe in it or not. Emotional Freedom Technique is the same.

Skeptical or not, you can tune your electromagnetic energy system to remove your stumbling blocks to success and positively impact all areas of your life, personal and professional. Even a beginner can follow the simple, free, process and be successful.

Claire Covington coaches individuals and business owners to gain the knowledge, skills and training needed to achieve their goals and build a strong, balanced life. She supports clients to create a personal development plan and utilize various strategies and techniques to make a profound impact on their personal and business life.

If you are ready to move your life and business to a new level, use EFT to remove your resistance to change.

Claire is an educator in the areas of self-development, health and weight loss and business development and internet marketing. She enjoys article marketing, too, and focuses on topics of interest like diet and fitness, food and weight loss, dogs, gardening, autism and helping people earn money on the internet with marketing, too.

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