Finding Joy in Exercise With Emotional Freedom Techniques

You don’t get to 50 or 60 and say that’s it I don’t need to exercise any more. My mum is 75 and is crippled with Arthritis but she is still encouraged to exercise by health professionals for her own wellbeing. Whoever you are exercise is for you.I’ve always loved exercise for how it makes you feel afterwards. Feeling fit looking fit and Healthy is truly a great feeling you feel alive and vibrant and you feel happy to be in your body and be alive. But I have really struggled with motivation and being able to enjoy exercise, which has given me a yoyo effect in my exercise regime and in my fitness.When I was 11, I won our junior schools sports day event and in senior school I was very good at cross country running, 800 meters and 1500 meters which I really enjoyed being good at. When I was 14 I began to struggle, I was still OK but not as good. I put it down to me growing taller, getting heavier and not putting any training in. I was working on our Dairy farm in my spare time which was very physical and took up a lot of time so I decided I was doing all the exercise that I needed to maintain a healthy body. I would go out for the occasional run around the roads or around the fields but it just wasn’t apart of my agenda any more.Several years later I was working in Bath for a fruit and vegetable wholesaler, which again was a very physical job but I began to notice if I was to run any where even for a short distance it would be very hard work. I would feel heavy, I would be out of breath, and my inner voice would be appealing to me to stop. These were very hard barriers to cross and so after a few attempts at trying to push through them I would give up deciding that running just wasn’t for me.The only thing was after a time I would begin to feel unfit and unhealthy and I would begin to miss the feeling of being fit and healthy again. So I would go through the same cycle trying to regain my fitness and go through the blocks of feeling heavy and lethargic and all the time that all powerful inner voice telling me to stop, telling me this is exhausting, this is hard work, what are you doing this for, you’ll never be a great athlete so why bother, you’ve got other things you’ve got to do, hurry up and get it over with so you can stop.Every day I would go out with my watch and if I didn’t beat my previous time I would say to myself see you’ll never be good enough. I would beat myself up, pushing myself harder and harder until I couldn’t run any faster and then I’d give up. I would think that’s it, I’ve reached my peak; I’ll never run any faster, no point in trying any more, give up.Of course on some level I new this was totally illogical and was getting in the way of me having any pleasure in running and keeping fit on any on going basis. The whole cycle which I repeated countless times was stripping me of any motivation of even starting to get fit again. I thought, what is the point. I just wasn’t enjoying running and keeping fit any way.Then one day while I was missing the feeling you get after you have been running and thought what if I change the whole way I thought about running. I threw my watch away and went running. I wouldn’t even care about how fast or how far I was going. I would just run at a speed I felt comfortable so I could enjoy it. At first it was hard because all those old thoughts patterns where trying to get a foot hold, but I just focused on enjoying the moment. This was still very hard because even without the competitive side of me trying to push me hard I still had all these negative thoughts and beliefs surfacing about me getting fit and being fit.My inner voice was telling me this was a waste of time, I’ll never be able to keep it up, I should be doing something else, I haven’t got time for this, who do you think you are, this is hard work, I’m feeling very heavy, I’m out of breath, when can we stop, how much more have we got to do, can’t wait for this to end. This was the constant barrage of thoughts that would occupy my mind while I was running and also while I was weight training as well. As you can image it not only kills the pleasure of running and exercising that I was seeking but saps you of your energy to do well, get fit long term and stay motivated to keep it up.Then I was introduce to Emotional Freedom Techniques, which is a very powerful yet simple way of clearing away unresolved emotional issues and negative limiting beliefs. You work with the mind and body simultaneously because the mind and the body are one. By tapping on easily located meridian points on the body and while you say affirmations that relate to your specific issue you completely clear aspect after aspect and issue after issue in a cumulative way. Each round only takes a minute so in a 90 minute session you can do a lot of work.I was able to clear most of my negative, limiting thoughts in just one session and this year I did the Glastonbury 9k run in my personal best time of 40 minutes beating my best friend who always beat me in the past as he is always running and cycling and weight training. He was completely shocked and still hasn’t got over it and I didn’t have to put in that much training either.As I said I don’t push myself at all I just go out to enjoy running and exercise and just do what I feel like doing at the time. I set myself time in the morning to do exercise and I do it, no motivation is required because I’m not pushing myself it’s just apart of my life and I enjoy everything about it. You could say it’s the lazy man’s way to fitness.The big difference was that there was no negative voice in my head telling me to slow up, or I’m getting tired, when can I stop. In fact I remember thinking there was no voice in my head at all. I was just running free, I let my body go and aloud it to go at it’s own pace I didn’t force it to go faster or to slow up, I just let it go to do what it wanted and it brought me home.

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